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The photography that you present online
can be the one thing that determines whether a personal visit is essential, or a waste of time. It's vital that your online real estate presentation be as effective, as succinct and as clear as possible. Today a buyer's time and gas are precious; they want to see as much as they can so they can determine if a property is to go on their A-list.  A few 'token' photos or even a lot of poor photos can prompt the "NEXT" button, not a phone call for an appointment to see more.

Photography Checklist buttonYour home tour will take the buyers on a 4-7 minute, private tour through the home. We will take as many photos as necessary to present your home in the best possible light, usually 50-100+ shots depending on the size of the home and property. The tours incorporate a variety of standard and panoramic shots and video clips of the exterior and interior rooms with pans and zooms, plus highlights of the architectural details that set your home apart from others, such as stonework, chandeliers, columns, woodwork, tilework, coffered ceilings, lighting, etc. Outside we'll focus on views, quiet spots, fun spots, exterior architectural details, etc.

Using our Nikon D-series cameras with zoom, wide and super wide angle lens we can capture the entire room or zoom in to highlight the beautiful detailing on the home. The advanced light meter function eliminates the common problem of' window glare, properly exposing both the interior and exterior, so you can actually see through the windows and still see the room!  Be sure to download the FREE Seller's Photography Checklist!

Want to have a no-pressure chat about whether or not real estate photography and virtual tours are right for your business?
Call me at 334-320-7486. I'm usually able to spring to the phone M-F, 8am-5pm


Professional Photography, Brochure & Virtual Tour Packages

All packages are based on the square footage of the house
and include professional photography, upload to MLS (still shots and virtual tour, if purchased),
Tours packages include FREE posting here on the Go2REassistant website, my FaceBook and Twitter pages,
Google+, LinkedIn, the Go2REassistant YouTube Channel and my Pinterest boards  until they sell!

Photo Shoot Only

40+- images

Photo Shoot

& Virtual Tour
50+ images

Photo Shoot,

Virtual Tour

& Brochure

<1999 sq.ft. $125 <1799 sq.ft. $175 <1799 sq.ft. $225
2000-2999 sq.ft. $150 1800-2499 sq.ft. $200 1800-2499 sq.ft. $250
  3000-3999 sq.ft. $175 2500-2999 sq.ft. $250 2500-2999 sq.ft. $300  
  4000-4999 sq.ft. $200 3000-3999 sq.ft. $350 3000-3999 sq.ft. $400  
  5000-5999 sq.ft. $225 4000-4999 sq.ft. $400 4000-4999 sq.ft. $450  
  For homes over 5000 sq.ft., add $100 for each additional 1000 sq.ft.
2-sided PDF Brochure $50


Ready to book a photo session? Click here

Still undecided? Call me at 334-320-7486.
I'll be happy to listen to your photography needs and concerns
and help you figure out whether we're a good fit for each other.

Go2REassistant is an affiliate at
the Montgomery Area Association of Realtors with an affiliate lockbox D-Key.
(Please provide the required CBS code to access the lockbox.)
A check for the price of the photography and tour is due at the photo shoot.
It usually takes 24-48 hours to optimize the photography and 5 business days to create the tour.

Matterport 3D Tours coming in May 2017!
For a limited time they will be the same price as a standard tour.

We strive to provide the best real estate photography and tours in the Central Alabama area.
Photo shoots are done in optimal weather, to spotlight your listing at its best.
To assist in scheduling the photo shoot, we ask that you note when the sun hits the front of the house,
this avoids the home being cast in shadows or worse a black silhouette.

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